NAME: Apocalypse
STEEL: Elmax
WEIGHT: 398g

Total Price: 351.24

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TRC Knives

There’s a place in the Bay of Bengal by the name of North Sentinel Island. It’s a place you shouldn’t go to. The Sentinelese reject any kind of contact with the rest of the world, and have lived this way for thousands of years. Marco Polo described them as “a most brutish and savage race, having heads, eyes and teeth like those of dogs.” To this day, no outsider has had success trying to enter the mysterious island. Whoever dares to approach North Sentinel, is attacked by the home-proud islanders with apocalyptic rage. And who could blame them? The way they feel when approached by the Other, is pretty much the same way we would feel if approached by aliens. What would you do in this scenario?


We created the APOCALYPSE knife for do-or-die survival situations. To improve your chances of survival during the apocalypse, we handcrafted this knife from a thick slab of premium quality steel. APOCALPYPSE sports a blade that is 172mm long. What’s more, it features textured handle scales that, together with thumb jimping, provide the apocalyptic warrior with a comfortable and reassuring grip. With a total length of 300mm, this beastly-looking survival knife will make your enemies think twice. Just looking at it, you know it means business. APOCALYPSE comes with a handmade Ky- dex ® sheath. If our planet is ever under attack, we will need the real man to show up. The kind of man who loves his home as much as those crazy Sentinelese islanders love their island.


Please note, that colours of all materials may change through time and that they can be slightly different than the original picture.


  1. Fabrizio

    Wonderful knife, my favorite. High quality blade material. Micarta handle excellently worked, perfectly coupled and excellent to hold. All blade machining is carefully performed. Well balanced. Good quality kydex sheath that holds up well. Absolutely to have.

  2. Yauheni Baikou

    One of the greatest knife in my collection! Price seems to be high, but it’s definitely worth every penny. Overall quality, fit and finish, attention to details on this knife are amazing! Also it has great sheath which suits perfectly for survival situations. Everything about this knife is just awesome! I had already tested this knife on the field and I can say, that this knife is NOT a just some luxury toy, that you want to put under showcase. This knife was created with idea, and when you hold it in your hand, you will definitely feel it. This knife calls you to the wild. It calls you to leave your boring office life and go to find some adventures.

  3. Luka

    A pice of art, the knife is as close to perfection as you can get, the grinding is perfect, no hotspots no matter how you holded and the balance is perfect to! It’ s a bit thick behinde the edge, but it really gives you the confidece to you use it in any situation. The sheath is great to! I highly recommend it to any one who wont a quallity durable companion for your adventure!

  4. Mark DeChenne

    Beautiful knife !! Love the blk finish and leather sheath 👍 heat treating and tempering are spot on.

  5. David Dickenson

    Hello from USA…This knife has quickly become one of my most favorite knives and believe me I have many. The fit and finish is the best I have ever seen, what a beautiful and remarkable specimen. The balance is just right and is a beast of a knife. The kydex sheath is also beautiful and fits the knife perfectly. Trc definitely knows what they are doing and I highly recommend you pickup one of these bad boys. Purchased from USA dealer, Russianknives.com

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