NAME: This is freedom
SHEATH: Leather
WEIGHT: 145g

Total Price: 264.46

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He may have enjoyed winning a Nobel Prize in literature, but not as much as he adored camping and fishing. Ernest Hemingway was a great adventurer and a true man of nature. As a youngster, he spent his days practicing his angling skills in the rivers of Northern Michigan. In his early 30’s, he graduated to deep sea fishing. Along the way, Hemingway won every organized fishing tournament imaginable. As one story goes, the great writer almost missed his wedding because his mind was too immersed in fishing during one of his expeditions. He found his passion in fishing, and his freedom in nature.


THIS IS FREEDOM is a knife for men like Hemingway. It is the knife of choice among fishermen and true nature lovers. THIS IS FREEDOM’s utilitarian design and slick profile give this knife amazing slicing and piercing properties that will be appreciated by experienced knife users. This model is 238 mm in total length, and weighs around 145g. The hand ground blade measures 118mm long. THIS IS FREEDOM is designed with a natural and exceptionally ergonomic grip. Textured and polished scales feel comfortable in the user’s hand in both wet and dry conditions. The knife comes with a handmade, vegetable tanned leather sheath. Having a family is a blessing, but for some of us, taking time off for camping and fishing is a must. THIS IS FREEDOM is exactly the kind of knife you’ll need on these special expeditions.


Please note, that colours of all materials may change through time and that they can be slightly different than the original picture.


  1. Gerry Fischer

    Thank you very much for this perfect knife. the workmanship is awesome. It feels very good in the hand. the knife sheath is very good ………. everything is perfect. Sorry for my english

    LG Gerry

  2. Jorg Schermer

    I’ve just received this is freedom. I already love this knife. I’ve always looked for a hunting and fishing knife that is just that. This is freedom has the perfect blade shape, and the blade is thin enough to actually be a knife. Most knife makers produce knives with blades way too thick for gutting, skinning or even just cutting a slice of bread.
    Great workmanship and design. I cannot wait to use this knife on my next hunting/fishing/outdoor trip on the West Coast of BC, Canada.
    Thanks for this awesome knife.

  3. Mark DeChenne

    This “ this is freedom “ makes my third Trc knife. I’ll make this short and sweet, these knives are simply the finest hand made knives available !!! I’ve bought knives from many of the legendary knife makers. But none are so exquisitely heat-treated, ground and well thought out as Trc !! Do yourself a favor, the next time you are looking too buy a knife, try one of these out and you too will see what the fuss is all about ! Thank you Andrius 🙏🏻

  4. Brian

    Knife fit and finish is impeccable. Feels right in the hand, an extension of me. Edge was great. Love the leather smell, again very well made just as the knife it holds firmly. My only gripe with this is the inability to purchase a kydex sheath version. I realize the sheath is an add on, however I would prefer the kydex over leather to begin with. I’ll but the kydex sheath later as it will fit to backpack’s mollee. The leather will collect dust, so to speak – such a shame on my part but I like the kydex.

  5. Sébastien BACLET

    Thank you TRC Knives for this wonderful knife « This is Freedom », everything is very beautiful, very qualitative … Everything is really perfect, the knife , the case, The packaging ! I will recommend your work to others and will certainly buy more TRC knives.

  6. David

    Amazing craftsmanship! Simple and useful for all-around outdoors activities. Surprisingly light too, considering its size. It balances well around the index finger and feels sturdy and solid in hand. I rate this 9.5 out of 10, only because I wished there were more options for handle materials such as hardwood or maybe more colors, but overall amazing knife!

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