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STEEL: Elmax

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Chasing the land-speed record is the ultimate quest of the modern man. In the roaring twenties, this dream was epitomized by Frank Lockhart, America’s legendary racing driver. A true daredevil, a self-learned mechanic, and a true speed demon, Lockhart was the definitive hero everyone talked about at their dinner tables. In 1926, he became the youngest winner of the Indy 500 at just 24. Lockhart went on to win many more prestigious races, capturing the imagination of the American people. But his true goal was the elusive land-speed record. On April 25, 1928, Lockhart climbed aboard his remarkable supercharged V16 Stutz Black Hawk on Daytona Beach. Just 25 years old at the time, Lockhart was flying at a record-breaking 220 miles per hour when suddenly the right rear tire blew, and the world stopped turning. Today, his legend lives on, as the speed demons of our age are continuing to push the boundaries of the possible.


When handcrafting this urban-style knife, we thought about Lockhart and his way of life. A light-weight model of 70g, SPEED DEMON features innovative urban design and a skeletonized handle. For stylish and awe inspiring every day carry, you really can’t go wrong with SPEED DEMON: it looks as sharp as it cuts. The knife is small enough to carry comfortably, yet up to the most challenging cutting tasks. The blade measures 4.4mm thick, and 80mm long. Included is a handmade Kydex ® sheath. It is a knife for men who are a bit like Lockhart, men who are ambitious and seriously addicted to adrenaline. Whoever will own the SPEED DEMON knife, will feel the power of roaring and untamed manliness rushing through their blood.


Please note, that colours of all materials may change through time and that they can be slightly different than the original picture.


  1. Fabrice Cuisset

    My first TRC knife and I am certainly not disappointed.

    This stylish knife is more imposing when you really have it in front of you than when you see it in a photo.

    A sharp razor that surprises as well as a very good perforation capacity, without forgetting the Bhöler Elmax steel whose reputation is well established.

    In addition to its extreme slicing efficiency, it is also precise and flexible to handle. Watch your fingers because it doesn’t take a lot of effort to get good results !

    The skeleton type handle is really ergonomic, the Speed ​​Demon is therefore comfortable to hold, which surprised me for such a type of handle.
    For those who would like even more grip, the addition of paracord is always possible but I think it’s a detail in this case, to see …

    Well thought out, it is made in one piece and without frills, which makes it very easy to clean.

    As a neck knife, it is great, you barely feel it with its 70 grams and it goes unnoticed under a sweater or jacket because it is relatively thin, even in its sheath.

    I currently use it as EDC and it is very robust.
    If I were to make bushcraft or survival, I would certainly take it with me by combining it with a Mille Cuori or an Apocalypse, it would then be a perfect duo in all possible situations.

    In summary, the Speed ​​Demon is a beautiful, efficient and relatively discreet knife.
    It has been ingeniously designed to target only the essential qualities.
    I love it.

  2. Michael Bürklin

    TRC Knives Mini Tanto Apocalyptic
    As a collector of knives for over 30 years, I designed a lot of knives, then made by masters in Germany, USA and Russia. Most of them did their work very good. But I can say that your knife is one of the best serial knives I own. Perfect made in any way. Stunning! I wait for more…

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