NAME: South Pole
STEEL: Elmax
WEIGHT: 189g

Total Price: 280.99

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When the going gets tough, the tough get going. But only those who go prepared, can withstand the tough. Moving on skis and dog sleds and facing death on multiple occasions, Roald Amundsen and his men were the first ones to reach the South Pole. People called him a hero and an inspiration. But Amundsen was a practical man who explained his success in practical terms. I have foreseen every difficulty and I have taken every precaution for meeting and avoiding it, he said. Victory awaits him who has everything in order.


At TRC knives, we wanted to create a knife in the spirit of Amundsen’s practicality: a perfect utilitarian knife for dealing with every possible natural challenge. The SOUTH POLE model features a thick spine which is perfect for heavy work. 115mm long drop point hand ground blade is ideal for all kinds of survival and camping applications. What’s more, the belly is just long enough to make SOUTH POLE a great knife for game cleaning, food prep and other day-to-day uses. To top it off, the model features a protruding round spine, creating a comfortable feel when holding it. Jimping combined with textured scales provide perfect traction and control in any situation. Handmade Kydex ® sheath is included. In the end, it doesn’t really matter if you are going to Antarctica, or to the nearby forest. With SOUTH POLE, you will go prepared.


Please note, that colours of all materials may change through time and that they can be slightly different than the original picture.


TRC Knives


  1. Mark DeChenne

    I believe that the South Pole is the finest all around outdoor knife you can buy. It is the perfect size for almost any task, besides chopping this blade is tough and surgical sharp !! I’ve banged it through multiple kind of wood with barely a scratch. Cutting and slicing couldn’t be better, and it’s built too last. It’s the perfect companion for my Apocalypse !! Quality and finish are at the top of the trade, you won’t regret buying this one 👍👍👏

  2. Jean-Christophe

    Superbe couteau. Prise en main exceptionnelle. L’ergonomie du manche convient parfaitement à ma main. Le Micarta texturé donne un bon grip et le couteau tiens bien dans la main pendant les mouvements, même quand il est mouillé. Livré rasoir en sortie de boite. L’émouture plate partielle le rend super polyvalent. Je suis très content de mon achat, cet outil est mon préféré.
    Le traitement thermique a l’air correct car je l’ai utilisé trois fois en sortie en forêt et je n’ai toujours pas eu à l’affuter. Personnellement j’adore l’Elmax tout comme le M390 qui sont à mon sens de très bons aciers de coutellerie.
    L’étui est très bien réalisé et fonctionnel. J’aime beaucoup le repose pouce pour sortir le couteau.
    Bref je recommande ce couteau à tous les amateurs de beau couteaux.
    TRC c’est le TOP

  3. Rob

    My South pole is built to uncompromising standards (Thank-you TRC). There is not a flaw to be found anywhere.
    I looked for many years to find the “ONE” knife. There were a few other competitors, but this one won me over and I’m glad I have it. It was factory engraved for me. Just outstanding. I can’t keep it out of my hands. I am not doing a report on function but it just plain works. It has a lethal edge and the small details in design and finish leave you gob smacked. There are bigger and smaller knives out there but if you have to choose just one, This is it! It is small enough that the weight and size is not an issue (like a bigger knife can be) but big enough for nearly any task (it’s not for falling and processing trees-it’s a knife. We have axes for that(Canada). It will cut wood without a thought though.) The handle could be a slight bit thicker and longer, but that would add bulk. I’m 6′-2, 230lbs with average hands about 8″ from inside wrist/palm junction to longest finger tip. It fits. For me It should be “North Pole” since I’m in Canada, LOL. Probably the last knife I will ever buy, unless I get another model TRC. If you like knives, you MUST have one. If you get one, you’re going to want more. TRUTH

  4. Viktoras Lapinas

    Šiandien įsigijau trc South Pole peilį. Noriu pagirti jo dizainerius ir produkto kaip visumos kurėjus. Nors peilis kalba pats už save, bet ir pakuotė, peilio pasas, legenda – puikus požiūris tiek į savo darbą, tiek į klientą. Smagu matyti, kad tokio lygio gaminiai gimsta Lietuvoje.

  5. Jrwhitez

    Absolutely perfect in every way! Tough, well balanced and a fit and finish that is second to none. Exceptional craftsmanship and definitely heirloom quality. Fair price and came blistering sharp!

  6. Craig Kielbiski

    I just got my South Pole after a approx. 4 month wait from Bushcraft Canada. It is an extremely utilitarian knife with fine finishing and a very solid choice of materials. The fit in hand is fantastic and allows you to apply pressures where needed and change the grip as required for task. The black canvass micarta looks very good in the photos, but what no one says is it looks better as you use it. The material blackens up with use, I suspect as it absorbs oils from your hand. Mine is almost completely black now and not the “greenish” look in all the photos. If you look on Bushcraft Canada’s online YouTube video you will see a dark spot as he displays the knife. It all looks like that after use. My main use will be as a hunting knife but it will also get used for summer camping. The stainlessness and easy sharpening of Elmax is a boon. M390 is nice….. but field sharpening is not so good…. it’s one of the main reasons I went looking for a knife in Elmax and found this. The Kydex sheath is the best I have seen on a knife. Period. The fitment, the moulding and the thumb release tab is best in business. I have inquired as well with Bushcraft Canada about getting the leather sheath as I didn’t realize you could when I initially ordered.

    Overall, to me, this is the best general purpose/hunting knife available and I’m very happy with my purchase. There is no one out there that crowns a spine that so seamlessly flows into the micarta scales. It feels like 1 piece.

    Now, I have to get a “This Is Freedom” and an “Apocalypse”. I don’t know what I’m going to do with all my other fixed blades, which includes several much more expensive “custom” knives that aren’t even close to this in finish.

    Buy with Confidence.

  7. Edwin Lane

    Echoing the praise from the other reviewers, this is my go to woods knife. It is tough, practical and the sheath is the best kydex workmanship and functionally. It is also immaculately finished. Worth every penny…

  8. Thomas

    I own the South Pole for over a year now. Did a lot of food processing, lots of cardboard work, and even some hard-on-the-knife survival stuff. It is very well balanced in terms of beef and cutting capability. I like the grind. The knife is strong but still subtle. The micarta handle is well done: no hot spots and easy cleaning. The Kydex sheath fits perfectly.

  9. Chris Mullen-Fazekas

    The south pole is as close to the perfect outdoor knife that I’ve ever found. Design, fit & finish, ergos, execution, everything. I’ve been looking for an outdoor fix blade in elmax and the previous ones have fallen short. This knife flies through wood, comfortable in every grip I’ve used, and hasn’t dulled a bit.

    TRC continues to blow me away. Every time I get a new one, the TRC automatically becomes my primary blade in that category, it’s unreal. If you don’t have one, try one, they’re absolutely worth it.

  10. John Danow

    As good as it gets !! This is a truly wonderful knife, great materials and craftsmanship is truly wonderful. I have many knives; from many makers, this may be the best of all.

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