NAME: South Pole Apo finish

STEEL: Elmax

FINISH: Apocalyptic






WEIGHT: 189 g

Total Price: 375.00

Out Of Stock

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. But only those who go prepared, can withstand the tough. Moving on skis and dog sleds and facing death on multiple occasions, Roald Amundsen and his men were the first ones to reach the South Pole. People called him a hero and an inspiration. But Amundsen was a practical man who explained his success in practical terms. I have foreseen every difficulty and I have taken every precaution for meeting and avoiding it, he said. Victory awaits him who has everything in order.


At TRC knives, we wanted to create a knife in the spirit of Amundsen’s practicality: a perfect utilitarian knife for dealing with every possible natural challenge. The SOUTH POLE model features a thick spine which is perfect for heavy work. 115mm long drop point hand ground blade is ideal for all kinds of survival and camping applications. What’s more, the belly is just long enough to make SOUTH POLE a great knife for game cleaning, food prep and other day-to-day uses. To top it off, the model features a protruding round spine, creating a comfortable feel when holding it. Jimping combined with textured scales provide perfect traction and control in any situation. Handmade Kydex ® sheath is included. In the end, it doesn’t really matter if you are going to Antarctica, or to the nearby forest. With SOUTH POLE, you will go prepared.


Please note, that colours of all materials may change through time and that they can be slightly different than the original picture.


  1. goneoffpath

    What can I say? The Apo South Pole is heavily used in my kit from creating various notches which it does extremely well to feather sticking which it easily excels at. South Pole is a light knife for smaller tasks but packs a punch and due to its heat treatment and strength, will easily baton seasoned wood without the worry of getting chips in the steel. From time to time, run the knifes edge across a 2000 grit stone and it will be back to a sharp edge in no time!

    Instagram: goneoffpath

  2. Stefan

    Excellent knife! I‘am stunning!

    I really like the Apo finish. The first TRC for me. Probably not the last 🦾

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