NAME: Polheim

STEEL: MagnaCut
FINISH:Stonewashed finish
THICKNESS: ~3.4 mm
SHEATH: Kydex with Ulticlip

Total Price: 350.00

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Home is wherever your adventure takes you. This was the mindset of great adventurers like
Roald Amundsen. Defying all odds, the Norwegian explorer made history by becoming the
first man to reach the South Pole. And, despite hellish conditions, he thought of it as home!
Amundsen erected a camp at the center of the Southern Hemisphere and named it Polheim
(“Home at the Pole”). A special place can have many names because it has different
meanings for different people. A special knife also transforms itself into something different
every time it’s held by a different pair of hands. We wanted to create a knife that would
express the fluidity of meaning: a knife that would embody the spirit of Amundsen‘s
practicality and adventurousness, but would also reflect the individuality of its owner.

POLHEIM is a smaller version of the SOUTH POLE model.

It is a compact EDC knife that is perfect for all your daily knife needs.

100 mm blade length and 214 mm overall length contribute to an unmatched sense of manoeuvrability. A practical adventurer prefers light and compact travelling, and that’s why POLHEIM is a favourite among outdoor enthusiasts.
With POLHEIM by your side, you will always feel at home no matter where you passion
leads you to.