NAME: Mille Cuori
STEEL: Vanadis 4E
WEIGHT: 275g

Total Price: 455.00

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Heroes aren’t made in a day. Giuseppe Garibaldi was a fisherman, and a candle maker before he became one of the greatest war leaders of all time. With all cards stacked against him, he mobilized a thousand volunteers (The one thousand) and won battle after battle against corrupt and passionless regimes. To liberate and unite his beloved Italy, the great general chose men like him. Give me the ready hand rather than the ready tongue, he said. And to those who wished to follow him, he promised nothing but hunger, thirst, forced marches, battles, and death. Because that’s what it took.


For many years, we have dreamed about designing a perfect military knife in the image of a fearless military man. To celebrate our collaboration with military clients, we came up with MILLE CUORI which is a knife designed specifically for tactical operators. This knife is made from premium quality steel which is perfect for hard use and guarantees razor sharp cutting edge. The hand ground blade measures 132mm long. To protect the steel from elements we coated it with extra tough DLC coating. Featuring waffle textured scales, MILLE CUORI has an outstanding grip, ensuring absolute control in both wet and dry conditions. For universal functionality, the knife has a pommel which can be used as a hammer. MILLE CUORI comes with a handmade Kydex ® sheath. Carrying the power and intelligence of a thousand warriors, MILLE CUORI is a must-have knife for both soldiers with military ranks, and civilians with military hearts.


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  1. Michael

    TRC Mille Couri:
    For starters, I am from the state of Utah, United States.
    I am not affiliated with TRC knives, I’m just an owner of this knife and I wanted to drop a review for those lucky enough to land on this page.
    TRC was entirely unknown to me, untill I stumbled upon one of their knives by accident.
    I looked into the offerings and found the Mille Cuori online.
    The Mille Cuori instantly checked some of my boxes with the design, materials and the size.
    I couldn’t find much online about TRC, but it was an easy purchase to make when weighed against competitive options.
    If you’ve been in the market long for a knife of this style and quality, you’ll know what I mean.
    This review will be broken down into 4 parts. The Blade, The Finish, Handle and Sheath.
    1. The Blade.
    I would say the blade is the best part of this knife, but its all pretty good.
    It came with a hair shaving edge and I left it with factory edge for the work and testing I did.
    I put it to work carving, debarking and batoning through a few dead trees I felled.
    The edge held up very nicely and still has a working edge without touching it up.
    The blade shape is utilitarian and very aesthetically pleasing, the top swedge is purposely and intelligently left short of meeting the tip.
    This provides a good amount of “Meat” at the tip for strength, and also helps when batoning.
    The grind, I’ll call it saber grind, leaves you with a good strong cross section, and more importantly, the best of all, the blade is ground to a thin-but-not-too-thin
    27/1000th inch behind the edge (Or about 0.68mm for the rest of the world). I’m not sure why some makers fail so hard in this area, but I’ve had enough of knives
    with 40-60/1000th behind the edge. (Between 1-1.6 mm). Thats as thick as a spine of a kitchen knife.
    Rest assured the Mille Cuori is not a sharpened pry bar, .027″ behind the edge is just about perfect for a hard use working knife, and provides excellent cutting performance
    and toughness.
    Speaking of cutting performance and toughness, by way of a brass rod test I can tell that this Vanadis 4 Extra is heat treated well.
    The edge flexed around the rod and returned to true, no bending or chipping. Combined with how the edge held up through wood processing
    I have every confidence in the heat treatment of this knife, and also that they don’t burn the edges when they sharpen.
    That all adds up to one excellent blade. It shrugs off abuse and I am very happy with the steel choice and craftsmanship here.
    And I have to add here, the logo is small, not obnoxious, and the steel type marking and model name being etched atop the spine is super classy and original.

    2: The Finish. I don’t know what it is that most makers are calling “DLC” (Diamond like coating)
    But TRC is using the real deal here. After slicing through dirt impregnated bark and bashing it through stumps I marked up the finish pretty good.
    Untill I licked my thumb and rubbed all that “wear” off from the DLC finish.
    Super high quality, durable finish here. Also it looks great, feels great, its uniform and its what I’ve always wanted from a DLC blade.

    3: The Handle:
    This handle is so perfect I’m afraid I can’t do it justice. At this point I would recommend getting one in your hand.
    What I will say is that I have large hands. And the handle leaves me with about .5″ of extra handle, so xlarge hands should be just fine.
    Similarly smaller hands would have no trouble at all.
    This handle is not too thick, and contoured very comfortably with a palm swell that I imagine would be perfect for most hands.
    The checkering on the sides of the handle is done very well. Its not sharp and still provides excellent traction.
    Imagine if you will a perfectly fitted pair of boots, the feeling of being surefooted, confident. That is my experience with this handle.
    At the top end of the handle where it flairs up is just outstanding design, the little hammer plate at the bottom of the handle is brilliant.
    It’s well though out and well executed.
    The hollow pins/tubes add a very nice aesthetic and the fit and finish is superb.
    As a side note, the knife will stand straight up on its own when set on the hammer end. Not sure if that’s good for much, but its pretty cool.

    4: The Sheath
    I like the way they’ve done this sheath. The scuba webbing belt loop was really well though out.
    With one belt loop, attach to your belt about mid way up the handle, or weave it through molle webbing to attach to a pack or other molle gear.
    Or, what I did was set the bottom snap to the second snap and wore it as a dangler, the bungee cord came in handy here to tie the tip end down to my leg.
    weather you prefer to wear your knife high on your belt, or lower on the thigh, or attached to a pack or chest rig, its built right in from the go.
    Also, intentional or not, if you flip the belt loop upside down, it goes IWB very nicely. I carried it this way IWB for an entire day and barely noticed it ridding just next to my
    concealed carry handgun in an IWB holster.
    I am slightly biased towards leather, but this is a fine kydex sheath that should satisfy anyone.

    That about wraps up my review. I hope it reads coherently and might be of help to you.
    Personally, best knife purchase in a decade.

  2. DavidGof

    Hi, I wanted to know your price.

  3. DavidGof

    Hej, jeg onskede at kende din pris.

  4. Vitas

    I just received my Mille Cuori in the mail- surprisingly fast shipping! This blade, as with every other TRC blade I have encountered, is truly a functional piece of art. Fit and finish are impeccable. The design of this blade is genious. Upon first grasping it, I immediately noticed how comfortable yet secure the handle feels. What really blows me away though, is how well this knife is balanced. Blade control and grip shifts are incredibly easy and inspire confidence. Wickedly sharp, durable steel, multi use design= winner. Impressive is an understatement

  5. jan

    Bought the Knife directly here on TRC Knives. The shipping was fast and the service very kind and helpful! The Knife is perfect! Very well crafted and absolutely great!

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