NAME: K-1s

STEEL: Elmax

FINISH: Apocalyptic




HANDLE: Green  Canvas Micarta


Total Price: 280.99

In stock: 5


  1. Bjorn

    The perfect companion blade for me. The design, the materials and fit and finish show this knife was created by people that know and care what they are doing. So thank you to the team at TRC for delivering this level of quality. I look forward to creating fond family memories with this tool at my side. Greetings from the Netherlands.

  2. Jeffrey Gardner

    This is my second TRC knife (my first was the Classic Freedom). It’s also the first time I’ve received a kydex sheath from TRC. It’s hard to say which blade I like more. I really like the apocalyptic finish and the kydex sheath has a great bite to it and it’s very slim, so it’s going to be great for attaching to my bag as well. If I can get an Apocalypse model, I should be all set

  3. Rick Jansen

    What a knife! The finish is very nice and aesthetically pleasing. To good to be true fit and finish. The k-1s is a slim package in adventures. Number 231 found a home in the netherlands near Eindhoven

  4. Jason Urton

    The knife is beautiful with impeccable construction and craftsmanship. The grind work,
    rounding on the spine and tang, jimping and edge are all flawless. The micarta scales fit my hand well and are nice and grippy. My only minor gripe is that the knife rattles in the kydex sheath a little, but does holds the knife securely.
    The shipping was unbelievably fast. 39 hours from order to delivery. That’s from Lithuania to Queens NY in under 40 hours.

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