NAME: Classic freedom / Full Flat Grind

SHEATH: Leather
WEIGHT: 100g

Total Price: 285.00

Out Of Stock

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He may have enjoyed winning a Nobel Prize in literature, but not as much as he adored camping and fishing. Ernest Hemingway was a great adventurer and a true man of nature. As a youngster, he spent his days practicing his angling skills in the rivers of Northern Michigan. In his early 30’s, he graduated to deep sea fishing. Along the way, Hemingway won every organized fishing tournament imaginable. As one story goes, the great writer almost missed his wedding because his mind was too immersed in fishing during one of his expeditions. He found his passion in fishing, and his freedom in nature.


CLASSIC FREEDOM is a knife for men like Hemingway. It is the smaller version of the original THIS IS FREEDOM knife. CLASSIC FREEDOM was intended for sophisticated and minimalist campers and anglers. The knife measures 205mm in total length, and weighs 100 grams. Featuring a hand ground blade that is 92mm long, this is an extremely efficient utilitarian knife. For smart users seeking comfort and efficiency, less is often more. The scales and the knife’s profile underwent a special polishing procedure to give this knife a truly classic, almost luxurious look. The knife comes with a handmade, vegetable tanned leather sheath. Going to the great outdoors for some camping and fishing? Take CLASSIC FREEDOM with you, and enjoy the precious moments of freedom.


Please note, that colours of all materials may change through time and that they can be slightly different than the original picture.


  1. Nicklas Hansson

    I really like this knife, even if i not used it i know its a quality knife.
    The knife its actually too good to cut in bone and clean fish so i am not gonna use it.. maybe later .
    My precious!!
    Only thing i want with this knife is maybe a custom made with som other handle materials/colors .
    Better Than most of knives ive seen/tried.

  2. Sascha

    Perfect knive for EDC, realy great slicer, because the Blade ist thin and has the right proportions. Natural micarta looks Like wood and feels Like a orgasm in your hand. Leathrsheat is very tight an minimalist. This ist the best knive i ever Had in my hands.
    The Speed demon would be a nice knive too if the Bladethicknes would be thinner at 2,5-3mm Not 4+mm.

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