NAME: Apocalypse Apo finish

STEEL: Elmax

FINISH: Apocalyptic finish






WEIGHT: 398 g

Total Price: 520.00

In stock: 3


  1. Mark Fleming

    Absolute superb quality here. This is probably the best fixed blade to hit the market seriously no flaws out of package and wicked fast delivery thanks TRC keep it up:-)!

  2. Pavel A.

    The quality of TRC knifes is simply perfect. Apocalypse is a knife of great feeling in hand. It is tough, durable and looks amazing. If you can afford it – you will definitely not be disappointed!

  3. Thomas Whitner

    In a word–BREATHLESS! Absolutely ASTONISHING BLADE! I was so excited after ordering to get my hands on this and it FAR exceeded my humble expectations! I own several fairly high end fixed blades and folders–yes, I’m a steel headed knife nut with a serious addiction to very fine knives–mostly custom. This knife is undoubtedly the newly crowned King of the collection. I will cherish this sweet creation for the rest of my life. TRC is THE Tour De Force in the extremely competitive knife arena and they have risen to the very top with their fixed blades IMHO. There’s simply nothing to gripe about, vacant of any ideas to change–NOTHING to improve. I am a customer for life! *P.S. I have a South Pole and a Classic Freedom coming in the mail soon. Excited to add them to the TRC family. Again–I AM SPEECHLESS!

  4. Rick Jansen

    Love it, once in while you experience a thing in your life that is totaly perfect. Yes its a big knife but due the choil more than capable for smaller tasks. Perfect hard use/ camp knife. Thinking about getting the classic freedom in the natural micarta and apo finish, sadley nowhere to Find! Trc if you read this help me out 😉

  5. Paul K.

    Can you please let me know when Apocalypse in apocalyptic finish will be available for purchase? Thank you

  6. Joseph Cannizzo

    This knife was gifted as a going away present after 19 years of service with a company. Best gift EVER!!! I’d heard of the brand but never thought I would ever own one! The quality is AMAZING! the ergonomics is perfect and the function is outstanding!!! Thanks to all my colleagues and friends that gifted me this UNBELIEVABLE fixed blade! and Thank You TRC for creating it! It is the King in my collection!

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